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Ibric, V.L. Book chapters and Books published

1.     Peterson, A.R., Danenberg, P.V., Ibric, L.L.V., and Peterson, H. (1985) Deoxyribonucleosides-induced selective modulation of cytotoxicity and mutagenesis.  IN:  Genetic consequences of nucleotide pool imbalances. (Ed. S.J. de Serres, Planum, N.Y.) 313-334.

2.     Huff, K.R., and Ibric, L.L.V. (1990) Growth factor and Cytokine signals modulate astrocyte proliferation and immune mediation.  IN:  Differentiation and Functions of Glial Cells, Levi, G. (Ed. Alan R. Liss, Inc., N.Y.) 393-394.

3.      Ibric, L.L.V. (1991) Accounting and Insurance on Computer. Curriculum for Associated Technical College, Los Angeles.

4.     Ibric, L.L.V. (1992) Medical Clerical Technician. Curriculum for Associated Technical College, L.A.

5.     Ibric, V.L. Neurofeedback training for Internship program – Curriculum for The Biofeedback Institute of L.A. 1994, and Internship program, Curriculum for EEG Spectrum  Affiliates, 1996 – 1998.

6.     Ibric, V.L. Neurofeedback Training for Internship – Curriculum Program for Therapy & Prevention Center, 1998-2000.

7.     Ibric, V.L. (2000) Manual for Neurofeedback Training on ROSHI, Therapy & Prevention Center.

8.     Ibric, V. L. (2004) “Chapter 19: Making a case for Neurofeedback and Traumatic Brain Injury and Other Applications” In Biofeedback, Zheng Peng, M.D., (Ed) China.

9.     Ibric, V.L. and Charles J. Davis. (2007) “The ROSHI in Neurofeedback” chapter 8 IN: Handbook of Neurofeedback: Dynamics and Clinical Applications, ed. James Evans, pp 185-211. Published by The Haworth Press, Inc., NY. ISBN 978-0-7890-3360-4

10.  Ibric, V.L.  And Dragomirescu, L.G. (2008“Neurofeedback in Pain Management” Chapter  16 IN: “Introduction to Quantitative EEG and Neurofeedback– Advanced theory and Applications”, second edition (eds. Thomas H. Budzynski,  Helen Kogan Budzynski, James R. Evans and Andrew Abarbanel, ISBN 978-0-12-374534-7

11. ROSHI Anthology I – Enhancing Neurofeedback Training Experience & Results Using ROSHI Systems. Victoria L. Ibric (ed and contributor) Copyright 2014, ISBN 978-0-9909246-0-9

12. Ibric, V.L. (2020). , Chapter 28 IN: Neurofeedback -The First 50 Years, Edited by James R. Evans, Mary Blair Dellinger, Harold L. Russell, Copyright Elsevier Inc, ISBN 978-0-12-817659-7

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