Cancer Research Publications

Virology – oncology related papers

1.  Nastac, E., Stoian, M., Predescu, E., Athanasiu, P., Ibric, L. The presence of complement fixing antibodies to the avian group specific (“gs”) sarcoma-leukosis antigen in the human population and in cancer patients. Virol. 29, 1, 35-40, 1978.

2.  Nastac, E., Stoian, M., Predescu, E., Chira, M., Hozoc, M., Suru, M., Ibric, L. and Elefterescu, A.  Investigations on the incidence of complement fixing antibodies  to the avian group (“gs”) sarcoma-leukosis antigen in fowl farm workers. Virol. 29, 1, 41-45, 1978.

3.  Nastac, E., Stoian, M., Predescu, E., Ibric, L., Hozoc, M., Athanasiu, P.  Incidence of viral antibodies in patients with various forms of cancer.  Virol. 29, 4, 263-273, 1978.

4.  Athanasiu, P. Ibric, L., Predescu, E., Hozoc, M., Samuel, J., Peiulescu, P., Deltin, L., in collaboration with Dumitru, I., Lemnete, I., Fischbach, A.  Investigations on presence of viral and chlamydial antigens in cells exfoliated in vagina of women with common and malignant gynecopathies. Virol. 31, 3, 167-171, 1980.

5. Teodosiu, O., Isaia, G. Bronitki, A.L., Popescu, G. Athanasiu, P., Ibric, L. Extrarespiratory localizations of parainfluenza viruses. Virol. 31, 3, 227-229, 1980.

6.  Nastac, E., Stoian, M., Ibric, L*, Hozoc, M., Chira, M. Attempts at the autologous prevention and therapy of experimental cancer. Virol. 33, 1, 17-21, 1982.

7.  Athanasiu, P. Ibric, L*, Predescu, E., Deltin, L. Fischbach, A., Popa, D., Dumitrache, L., Nuta, M., Raica, I.  Results of an etiological therapy applied to patients with different localizations of herpes infections using diagnosis by immunofluorescent reaction. Virol. 33, 1, 3-7, 1982.

8.  Nastac, E., Ibric, L*. Some aspects of oncogene virus-host cell and virus tumor cell antigen relationship. Virol. 3, 1, 59-62, 1982.

9.      Nastac, E., Ibric, L*, Hozoc, M., Suru, M., Stoian, M., Puca, D. Iosipenco, C., Cajal, N. Action of nucleic acid extract from mouse Ehrlich ascites carcinoma on the evolution of homologous tumor. Virol. 33, 1, 75-77, 1982.


Note: * My name was removed from these articles after I left Romania.

Chemical carcinogenesis and prevention of transformation related papers

10. Ibric, L.L.V., Peterson, H., and Peterson, A.R.  Poly (ADP-ribose) synthesis and inhibition of DNA synthesis in Chinese hamster cells treated with methylating agents and thymidine, Mutation Res. 161, 155-163, 1986

11. Ibric, L.L.V. and Sevanian, A. Effect of Ascorbic Acid and Dehydroascorbic Acid on Lipid Composition of C3H/10T1/2 cells.  IN:  The Annals of New York Academy of Sciences. Ed. Burns, L., Rivers, J.M., and Machlin, L.J. Vol. 498, 476-483, 1987

12. Ibric, L.L.V., Benedict, W.F., and Peterson, A.R. Simultaneous determination of Ascorbic Acid and Dehydroascorbic Acid in cultures of C3H/10T1/2 cells. In Vitro, Vol. 24, 7, 669-676, 1988

13. Ibric, L.L.V., Peterson, A.R., and Sevanian, A. Mechanisms of Ascorbic Acid Induced Inhibition of Chemical Transformation in C3H/10T1/2 cells. Am.J.Clin.Nutr. 54/6:S1236-S1240, 1991.

14. Ibric, L.L.V., Peterson, A.R., Sevanian, A, and Benedict, W.F.  Mechanisms of Ascorbic Acid Induced Inhibition of Chemical Transformation in C3H/10T1/2 Cells. -  IN: Vitamin C: Biological Functions and Relations to Cancer, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland, Programs and Abstracts: 53-54, Sept. 10–12, 1990, and in Special Comm. Nutrition and Cancer, Vol. 15, Nos 3&4, 263–264, 1991.

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